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7net shop background

7net統一超商 所成立的網路購物新品牌,其品牌精神延續統一超商一貫的企業精神,以「商品豐富,品質優良,衛生保證,服務親切」為中心思想,並整合次集團企業資源,提供消費者無限的便利購物空間,滿足消費者多元化的購物需求。

以創新、便利性服務為概念的7net購物中心,除了結合 近5000間門市,提供虛實整合的便利服務外,也將逐步結合統一流通次集團資源,架構統一流通次集團(PCSC)全方位購物網,提供消費者簡單、方便的購物流程與優惠的商品價格。

1.購物好便利:簡易購物流程,配合 取貨付款,免運費更便宜,全網站數萬種商品可今天訂,明天取
3.創新好服務:7net除了提供購物紅利點數回饋,且整合 的各項優惠活動,帶給您更多生活的便利與驚喜!

7net目前結合 門市、傳真、型錄等多重資源,以網路購物為主體,配合多功平台與通路,成為統一流通次集團間無店舖行銷通路唯一窗口。不論現在或是未來,7net都將以全新的風格與面貌,帶領消費流行,成為消費大眾輕鬆購物的好幫手。

7net is a new online shopping brand originally established in Taiwan, and its brand spirit continues the corporate spirit of Taiwan, focusing on “large amount of products, high quality, consumer satisfaction guarantee, friendly service, and most importantly low cost” as its central idea, and by integrating subgroup corporate resources we aim to provide consumers with unlimited convenient shopping space to meet consumers’ diverse shopping needs.

The 7net shopping mall brings the concept of innovative and convenient services that will not only provide virtual and physical integrated convenience services by combining nearly 5,000 stores, but will also gradually integrate the unified distribution of sub-group resources to build a unified distribution sub-group (PCSC) and comprehensive shopping network. Providing consumers with a simple and convenient shopping process and preferential product prices.

In addition to the above-mentioned convenience and diversified shopping channels, 7net attaches more importance to providing consumers with comprehensive shopping services. The concept of pursuing “Sanhao” in conjunction with “One Fairness” (“new economic policy for preferential prices of goods”) and the concept of “Sanhao, Attentive service” allows consumers to enjoy peace of mind and value-for-money shopping in a relaxed and happy mood:

1. Good shopping convenience: easy shopping process, with pick-up and payment, free shipping and cheaper goods. Our full website will feature 10,000 different kinds of goods that can be ordered today and picked tomorrow.

2. Good product discounts: provide a wealth of general goods, and sell them daily, taking care of your living needs.

3. Innovative and excellent services: In addition to providing shopping bonus points, 7net also integrates various preferential activities to bring you more convenience and surprises in life!

7net currently combines multiple resources such as marketplace goods and external stores, catalogues, with online shopping as its mainstay, and multi-functional platforms and channels. It has become the only window for unified distribution of sub-group marketing channels. No matter now or in the future, 7net will lead consumer needs with a new style and appearance, and become a good helper for consumers to easily shop.

You can shop a variety of goods from electronics, furniture, home goods, and much more.


Part of the reason for the original 7net name was due to the Taiwanese & Chinese susceptibility to show bias to certain numbers. However this was not true within the Australian market. We’ve re branded as ‘AYKO‘. Something easy to remember.